Removing thrombus prior to PCI doesn't improve patient outcomes, study finds

09/2/2013 | MedPage Today (free registration)

Routinely removing the blood clot before performing PCI on patients presenting with STEMI doesn't affect patient outcomes, according to an online report in the New England Journal of Medicine and a presentation at the European Society of Cardiology meeting. The registry-based randomized trial conducted by researchers at Örebro University Hospital in Sweden determined the 30-day rate of death from all causes was 3% for patients who underwent PCI without having the clot removed and 2.8% for patients who had thrombus aspiration. The results "suggest that the mortality benefit with thrombus aspiration that was observed in earlier clinical trials may have been a chance finding," wrote Dr. Robert Byrne and Dr. Adnan Kastrati in a NEJM editorial.

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