Content marketing, made easy
Content Marketing Intro

Content marketing engages people through information and experiences that they value. Relevant, engaging content builds relationships and inspires trust, loyalty and awareness. Leverage SmartBrief’s expertise in B2B content marketing to turn insights and information into effective ways to connect with your target audiences.

SmartBrief Content Marketing


Have you made the decision to use content to engage your target audience, but aren’t exactly sure how to get started? SmartBrief will work closely with you to identify how content marketing can achieve your business objectives.


Creating engaging B2B content calls for an in-depth understanding of your industry and target audiences. With extensive industry connections and expertise, SmartBrief can create content that will stand out in a crowded media environment.


With more than 5 million readers across 14 industries, SmartBrief provides a highly engaged B2B audience for targeted distribution of your content products and messages.

Products & Services

The most effective Content Marketing bundles products together to create a strategic solution. SmartBrief’s growing product portfolio provides the opportunity to craft a customized plan to achieve your content marketing goals.


SmartBrief creates high-quality, informative webinar experiences, providing value for every registrant. Bring your brand and marketing messages to life with a panel discussion, roundtable or presentation.

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White Paper

Be a thought leader with short or longer form custom content pieces on a market segment, industry trend, new product release or insights. White papers allow you to showcase your brand’s solution to challenges faced by your target audience.

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Infographics are custom designed visual and contextual pieces that tell a story based on data points. These snackable pieces of content are a great way to help your brand convey data to aid in decision making, customer education and lead generation.

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Blog Post/Custom Articles

Blogs and articles are custom content pieces crafted to represent your brand in written or visual ways. These content pieces provide a perfect opportunity to create thought leadership and brand awareness.


Thought Leadership

Elevate the way you engage customers and prospects by positioning your organization as an industry-leading resource for information and expertise.

Examples include:

  • White papers
  • Webinars with industry experts
  • Blog posts and custom article series
  • Position papers and expert Q&As

Branding and Engagement

Use meaningful content to build your audience and create a persuasive dialogue with your customers and prospects.

Examples include:

  • Special reports and white papers
  • Event reports with blog coverage
  • Custom content feeds for your website

Conferences and Events

Drive awareness for your event or expand and revitalize your event presence with a content strategy spanning multiple channels.

Examples include:

  • Pre- and post-event reports
  • Daily event coverage with blog posts
  • Member/customer Q&As