Laurie Demeritt

Laurie Demeritt is CEO of The Hartman Group, which explores the subtle complexities of how consumers live, shop and use products — and how to apply that understanding in ways that lead to purchase.

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For today’s consumers, food is now a cultural product to discover, share, make and trade, and this reconnection with food and its origins is encouraging a new level of participation.

Do consumer really dislike big food companies? Is big food’s day of reckoning at hand?

To say that organic products have mainstreamed would be a mild understatement.

Supermarket produce
Supermarket produce

Key behavioral trends driven by changing shoppers are impacting supermarket shopping, including a shift toward the perimeter of the store, acceleration of e-commerce and changing households and meal consumption patterns.

food label
food label

Whether driven by personal health, diet and nutrition interests and needs or out of concern for sustainable practices, consumers continue to scrutinize food labels for answers.

In foodservice of the past, processed uniformity in food reassured consumers of quality and safety in products, but today such characteristics are anathema to many.

In a market where every half point of market share for a name brand has huge financial consequences, private label has to be analyzed as closely as new premium brands.

The topic of younger consumers influencing our culture is a constant headline these days, in part because of the sheer scope of their numbers, and also for their impact on shopping and consumption.

Today, we find a group of progressive health and wellness consumers who are increasingly influential in redefining food culture.