Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartBrief?

SmartBrief is the leading online publisher of targeted business news and information by industry.

By combining technology and editorial expertise, SmartBrief filters thousands of sources daily to deliver the most relevant industry news in partnership with more than 180 trade associations, professional societies nonprofits and corporate entities.  Click here to see a full list of our e-mail newsletters.

How does SmartBrief use my information?

Your privacy is important to us and to our partners. To learn more, please read our privacy policy. 

How do I send comments or suggestions for new content?

We've always got our eyes and ears open for smart ideas and would love to hear from you. Please send us your comments or suggestions.

I have a question about my membership or a service provided by one of SmartBrief’s publishing partners.

SmartBrief provides e-mail newsletters in partnership with associations, professional societies and corporations but cannot answer questions regarding membership information or our partners’ other services. Please contact the partner organization directly for assistance. 

Why do the briefs have advertisements?

It takes a lot of work to bring readers the most important industry news and making room for paid advertising allows us to continue sending SmartBrief to our readers free of charge. If you have feedback about specific advertisements, click here to contact us.

Do you have a mobile app?

SmartBrief’s mobile app can be downloaded to your Apple or Android devices. For more information please click here.

Why do I need to register to read the full article that is linked to the summary?

We try to cover a broad range of relevant news and, while we strive to use as many free and unrestricted websites as possible, it is nearly impossible to deliver balanced and informed SmartBriefs without including some news sites that require readers to register or pay for access. When this is true, an alternative link is almost always provided. You are responsible for registering on individual websites to access their content.

How do I partner with SmartBrief?

SmartBrief's custom publishing services leverage our skills in engaging readers to promote your organization's mission. To learn more about partnering with SmartBrief please click here.

How can I advertise in SmartBrief?

SmartBrief provides you with targeted B2B advertising opportunities, by allowing you to select which industries, publications, company metrics, or professional demographics you want to reach. For more information please click here.

How can I post a job in a SmartBrief newsletter, or see all jobs posted with SmartBrief?

For candidates and companies, SmartBrief delivers a different kind of recruitment service. To find out more click here.

How do I post a press release?

A number of SmartBrief's newsletters accept press-release headlines with a maximum of 120 characters that link back to the full text of the release online. Click here for more information.

Can I post copies of your summaries on my Web site, or include them in my newsletter?

You cannot post summaries without our express, written permission. Failure to do so would be a violation of SmartBrief's copyright. Please contact us for more information about securing reprinting rights to SmartBrief content.

Where can I find out more about working at SmartBrief?

We're expanding rapidly and looking for exceptional, motivated individuals to join the SmartBrief team. Check out our openings here.

Still have a question? We welcome your feedback.

I'm not getting my newsletters.

To ensure our newsletter get to you, please add our newletter's "from" address to your "safe senders" or "approved senders" list. If you don't have something like that, you may need to chat with your IT folks so they can allow our messages through your mail server. For more information about our mail servers, please see the 'Technical Issues' section of this FAQ. As always, feel free to send an email to or visit our feedback page.

How do I sign up?

We're happy to have you come on board as a reader. You can subscribe to our newsletters by visiting our main subscription page.

How do I manage my subscriptions?

To change your profile information or edit your subscriptions, please click here to visit our subscriber tools page.


I continue to receive the newsletter even after I unsubscribed

If you have unsubscribed and still receive the newsletter, it is probably because you are signed up to receive the newsletter at a different e-mail address. To ensure that the correct address is being unsubscribed, please use the unsubscribe link in the footer of the SmartBrief e-mail.

I am receiving multiple copies of the same newsletter

Our distribution system will not send an identical copy of one of our e-mail newsletters to a single address. If you are receiving two identical SmartBriefs each day, please make sure that you are not subscribed under two separate e-mail addresses.

You can verify your subscription address by looking in the footer of the e-mail message where it says "This SmartBrief was created for ..."

From there, you can unsubscribe one of the addresses using the Unsubscribe link in the corresponding SmartBrief e-mail.

I have recently stopped receiving my SmartBrief newsletter

If you have recently stopped receiving your SmartBrief newsletters, the messages may be getting blocked by your network. Please contact your local network administrator to see if a spam blocker has been installed in your company's servers. You can also refer your network administrator to our “Technical Issues” section on this page for more information.

You're flooding our e-mail server with e-mail.

SmartBrief has the ability to throttle connections on a per domain basis, and we'd be happy to lower the connection speed and/or number of connections for your domain. Please send your request to with the domain name and your full contact info.


What domains should I whitelist?

SmartBrief sends mail from the following domains:

What e-mail servers does SmartBrief send from?

Our newsletters are sent from the following 17 mail servers:


Our transactional emails are sent from the following four servers:


All servers have properly configured reverse DNS entries.  We also employ SPF and DKIM to help assure proper delivery.