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Obama to call for rollback of sequester cuts


  • Politico

President Barack Obama will seek to end the sequestration spending cuts in his new budget plan, in favor of new measures aimed at "making paychecks go further, creating good jobs here in the United St… Read More

Weatherman stays cool amid technical glitch


  • YouTube

A weatherman in Phoenix kept his cool when a technical glitch led to his weather map showing towns experiencing temperatures of almost 3,000 degrees. "I think steel boils at about this temperature ...… Read More

Many snowblower injuries tied to putting hand in machine while it's running


  • Washington Post (tiered subscription model), The

Many U.S. snowblower users continue to put their hands into the equipment to unclog it while it is still running, Consumer Product Safety Commission data reveal. Between 2003 and 2013, about 9,000 Ame… Read More