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Understanding stem cell "decision-making" could lead to diabetes treatments


  • (India)

Researchers have created a mathematical model to predict the behavior of stem cells over many generations. The study, published in PLOS Biology, could be a step toward generating insulin-producing cel… Read More

CDHPs show promise when employees understand them


  • Kaiser Health News

Companies that offer consumer-directed health insurance plans have lowered their health care spending, but one study found many employees did not realize high-value care such as preventive screenings … Read More

Drugmaker takes another look at a drug that caused severe side effects


  • Reuters

A drug that caused serious side effects in clinical trials nine years ago is showing promise at a lower dose in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. This time around, scientists tested the drug on huma… Read More

Okla. high school earns national recognition for school food


  • Tulsa World (Okla.)

An Oklahoma high school has been ranked among the best in the nation for its cafeteria food by the 2015 Niche Rankings. Officials say the school cafeteria -- called The Caf -- is similar to that found… Read More