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CEA SmartBrief

Consumer electronics news and information

CEA SmartBrief

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Judge may find FilmOn in contempt


  • Advanced Television

U.S. District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald may find FilmOn X in contempt of court for continuing to stream broadcast television shows for about two weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that Aereo's strea… Read More

CTIA SmartBrief

Wireless industry news

CTIA SmartBrief

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Motorola tackles smartphone security with digital tattoos


  • eWeek
  • CNET

Motorola is offering a small sticker with circuits that attaches to the skin like a digital tattoo and can be used to unlock the Moto X smartphone without typing in a pin. The product was developed by… Read More

Location SmartBrief: Business Game Changer

News on location business intelligence and data

Location SmartBrief: Business Game Changer

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Location data make other advertising relevant, experts say


  • BBC

Location-based data through smartphones is increasing the relevance of other outdoor forms of advertising, such as billboards, writes Matthew Wall. The ability to see what mobile users are searching a… Read More

SCTE SmartBrief

Cable telecommunication news.

SCTE SmartBrief

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Comcast posts gains in Q2, including in high-speed data


  • Multichannel News
  • CNBC

Comcast reported net income of $1.99 billion for the second quarter, compared with $1.73 billion a year ago. Revenue was up 3.5% to $16.8 billion. Comcast slowed its video subscriber losses to a loss … Read More