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Are AP courses worth it?

Participation in Advanced Placement courses has doubled over the past decade, but there has been little research on their academic benefits. Russell Warne, an assistant professor of psychology at Utah Valley University, notes that when it comes to colleges accepting AP credit -- one of the key reasons students take AP courses -- there is no coherent data on the subject.

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National Public Radio


Educator considers positive side of disruption

Teacher expectations about student behaviors that lead to school success may not leave room for valuing the unique qualities of a "rebel" student, asserts English teacher Ashley Lamb-Sinclair. In this commentary, she reflects on such students' positive qualities.

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The Atlantic online


How some schools teach social-emotional skills

Research correlating social-emotional learning with positive student outcomes has contributed to more schools testing such strategies. In one California elementary school, writing workshops have been designed to help develop listening and feedback skills.

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Education Week (tiered subscription model)


7 ideas to help students find purpose

A sense of purpose can be a long-term motivator, but it may be something missing for many students, asserts author and researcher William Damon. Damon and others offer practical ideas to help students find purpose.

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Brain-boosters help ready students for testing

Students at an Ohio middle school are participating in brain-booster exercises each morning before standardized testing. Educator Melissa Colarik said research supports use of such activities to improve focus and cognitive processing.

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The News-Herald (Lake County-Willoughby, Ohio)


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