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5 tools for presentation literacy

Learn from #TeachlikeTED founder Rachael Mann about how tech supports communication skills.

As brands, agencies search for new models, here's evidence agile can work

Last week's poll question: How well does your organization translate qualitative measures into quantitative metrics?

Dysfunctional workplace

When you are surrounded by selfishness and self-serving behavior, you may need to leave. But until then, try creating a pocket of excellence.

Solar panels

How the presence of Trump is changing international financial regulation, Kashkari keeps trying, clean renewables and corporations, and the smartest guy not in Davos

U.S. Capitol

The consequences of poor leadership and communication in an organization parallel that of a nation in shutdown.

How food, beverage brands are going digital to improve the customer experience

From mobile to AI, find out how four food and beverage brands are using digital technology to improve the customer experience.

What’s trending? From school rankings to absenteeism, don’t miss these most-read stories.

The majority of this week’s most popular news covered the CPG and retail industries, with the breaking news earlier this week about Ferrero’s $2.8 billion acquisition of Nestle’s US chocolate business taking the most-read spot.


A scorecard for Government Sachs, Nike finally does it, SGX gets ahead, Macron woos Davos crowd

John F. Kennedy

It's not a sign of weakness to say, "I take the blame."


Bitcoinitis, Deutsche Bank playing with fire, the CFPB and 950% interest rates, WMD and the weather


People who demonstrate grace know that humility is more powerful than vanity, concern is more influential than command.

Meet our annual Educators’ Choice Content Award winners, Kerry Gallagher and Brian Sztabnik.