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Dan Shulman

PayPal looks ahead, Wall Street and regional banks not wowed by Trump, but hedge funds and bond vigilantes might be

Paul Volcker

The Volcker rule sausage making, BIS on CEO compensation, Jamie Dimon leanring to speak Polish, and Alexis Sanchez takes a dive

Vikram Pandit

How to measure the size of a bank, smarter student lending, Nasdaq soars, and a corporate governance nightmare comes true


MetLife wants a SIFI pause, BIS on monetary policy, parent-of-student loan bubbles, and one thing Wells Fargo does right

Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

Trump targets FSOC and OLA, Mnuchin slow plays Fannie and Freddie, Goldman feedback goes 24/7, and why Messi and Ronaldo might one day unite

European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis

Basel talk in Washington, bond markets like dictators, a Chinese market that never fails and college kids jump into dark pools

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman

James Gorman's regulatory wish list, Larry Fink is nervous, Oops at the OCC and fun with Brexit charts

Anthony Scarmucci

Light-touch regulation or no-touch regulation? Maaaaarcus grew and MoochWatch continued

The missing piece of Glass-Steagall debate, markets get jittery, more Boeing layoffs and does the Fed need more diversity?

Banks warm to energy, more Chinese accounting fun, Tarullo and Jedis, and the most heart-warming story of the week

Wall Street beats Main Street, Brits wanna be Yanks, CFTC seats get warm; and Bankers flip the script on geopolitical risk

Trump says Yellen is "not toast," SWIFT fights hacks with 1990s-style defense, Uber tires of saying oops and tax reform might not work out the way Red states had planned

President Donald Trump

Trump talks regulatory reform, Caruana on monetary policy, Using news sentiment as an economic indicator and when to trust a chart

Barclays board hearts Jes Staley, Wells Fargo claws back cash, SEC cries "fake news" and United does Delta a solid

Barney Frank

Barney speaks Frankly, how to fix banking culture and the DoL fiduciary rule lights up