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Food truck fare, steakhouse fusions stoke US interest in Brazilian cuisine

Chefs are drawing on Brazilian influences to create modern dishes that blend Brazilian elements with current US food trends, and new concepts from Brazil are primed to enter the US market as interest in Latin American cuisine grows.

Presenters at the 2017 Menus of Change conference agreed: For real change to occur in the food industry, taste is paramount.

Pure Batch baked goods on display at the Summer Fancy Food Show

Tales from the world of fancy food

Lidl’s US debut, Amazon’s big purchase and the future of Whole Foods

Stories about Amazon’s plan to acquire Whole Foods dominated the top 10 this week -- see what else caught readers’ attention.

Menus of Change 2017

The foodservice industry is succeeding in driving consumer and investor enthusiasm for healthy, sustainable food options that emphasize plants over animal proteins, according to the 2017 Menus of Change Annual Report.


Offered at 69% of restaurants across the country, sandwiches are a consumer favorite and menu staple that serve as a flashpoint for innovation throughout the food industry.

Top 10: Amazon, mayo and Mars drew readers this week

From Amazon's premium food label to mayonnaise on the grill, see what news stories SmartBrief readers clicked on this week.

health and wellness food shopping

Industry executives recognize the transformative power of health and wellness in shaping their business but grapple with how to leverage health and wellness as the foundation for building competitive distinction.

Chefs look to the stories behind seafood to find, promote sustainable options
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Chefs and sustainable seafood advocates Andrew Gruel and iBarton Seaver offer advice on selling sustainable seafood to diners -- which often calls for a conversation, since transparency and provence are key issues when it comes to sustainable food.

Q&A: Chef Jernard Wells on how millennials are influencing menus
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Chef Jernard Wells of Food Network Star discusses the impact millennials are having on his world -- including increased focus on health and sustainability, and reliance on social media.

Grocery retailers personalize the shopping experience with chatbots

Chatbots in the grocery sector offer consumers everything from recipe suggestions to collaborative shopping carts, and they can provide valuable customer insights for retailers.

Nutella, Oreo O's, McDonald's delivery test top SmartBrief's most-clicked list

Brushing up on the evolution of digital food shopping

FMI and Nielsen teamed up to report on the state of digital retail in the grocery industry. Find out how SmartBrief's coverage has kept up with the report's findings.

3 tips help ease the transition from food supplier to restaurateur

Some suppliers and wholesalers have shifted to selling their products to consumers, either by launching their own food brands or by opening restaurants. These tips will help those who are planning to make the leap.

Top 10: J.M. Smucker's acquisition of Wesson, grilled eggs and one hot chip

Acquisitions, product launches and tips and tricks for chefs were popular with readers this week.