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Top 10: Chuck E. Cheese gets a new look, Applebee’s returns to its roots

Chuck E. Cheese shows off an updated format, Applebee's brings back meal deals

LTOs – Here today and gone tomorrow...but do they leave ROI behind?

There is no question that LTOs are an important part of the restaurant industry’s marketing initiatives, but measuring the performance of an LTO can sometimes be challenging.

Commitments to a cage-free future pinch egg producers in the present

Egg producers are scrambling to ramp up cage-free supplies to meet brands’ future commitments. However, companies and even the consumers to whom they’re trying to appeal with new sourcing guidelines are slow to make the switch.

FMI report: Looking into the future of retail health and wellness

Explore the current state of health and wellness in food retail and emerging trends through data from FMI's most recent report.


The most popular stories this week talked about big changes at various business, from Tyson Foods to Kraft Heinz and Oprah.

Best private label practices for food retailers

A look at the rise of private labels and best practices for launching private brands.

Q&A: Plant-forward dining trend creates opportunities for foodservice operators to highlight produce
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Chef Mark Garcia, director of foodservice for Avocados From Mexico, discusses trends in plant-forward dining.

Tabasco sauce

New products and executive changes across CPG companies were most popular this week.

Understanding today’s aging consumers: Healthy living & adventures with food

Baby boomers and the silent generation have become an aging collective of consumers seemingly forgotten in food culture, passed over in favor of the new generations du jour: millennials, Gen X and Gen Z.

Hotels rethink food offerings to cater to today’s consumer
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Hotels are thinking outside the minibar to entice guests with grab-and-go options and treats at check-in.

Q&A: Zola launches plant-based energy drink with modern lifestyles in mind
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Zola founder and CEO Chris Cuvelier discusses the beverage brand's new line of Organic Hydrating Energy drinks and how the company is partnering with leaders, creators and innovators to establish itself as a lifestyle brand.

Overcoming the challenges of local sourcing

Restaurants that use a farm-to-table model can adopt a few simple strategies to offset the challenges inherent to sourcing locally.

New Hershey and Coca-Cola products, Walmart's Pickup Towers and McDonald's fashion foray

News about Hershey's latest snack launch, Walmart's expanded Pickup Towers program and McDonald's apparel collection were all on-trend this week.

Mezcal makes inroads in the US

Mezcal is known to many as the smoky cousin of tequila, and the storied spirit is gaining a following in the US, especially artisanal and ancestral varieties that have qualities US consumers look for, such as small-batch and organic.

Seeking out the path to CPG's omnichannel future

How are CPG brands catering to today's connected consumer, and how can they take the next step in digital?