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Hotel food delivery

Hotels are leveraging partnerships with a new crop of delivery services to provide guests with expansive dining and services options.

News of Kraft Heinz’s new business unit caught readers’ attention this week, along with the launches of several new CPG products from big industry players.

Emporium Chicago pop up

Last month Datassential traveled to galaxies not far, far away to uncover the latest pop culture concepts, culling insights and key takeaways any operator can take inspiration from.

Charitable giving helps restaurants forge connections, give back

For many consumers, choosing a restaurant isn’t just about the food, the ambiance or the value -- it’s about values. Restaurant execs and the founder of GroupRaise explain how giving back is good for the community and the bottom line.

Top 10: New Pinnacle products, change at Whole Foods, fast casual at Cracker Barrel

New products from Pinnacle Foods, Unilever resonated with SmartBrief readers this week.

Versatile ingredients allow chefs to riff on classic dishes
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Jones Dairy Farm President Philip Jones discusses how chefs can offer a fresh take on classic favorites for dishes that appeal to both adventurous eaters and diners craving comfort food classics.

How to boost in-store bakery sales

To put the spotlight on an in-store bakery, first make sure the products are ready for their close-up.

Convenient offerings that play to consumer preferences, needs can boost grocerant business
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The lines between supermarkets and restaurants are blurring as grocery retailers expand their foodservice offerings, and items made with natural ingredients and options for special diets can help supermarkets become dining destinations.

No matter how difficult it is to achieve such a meal, consumers still place a big emphasis on dinner.

Top 10: Kraft Heinz's breakfast offering, millennial shopping habits

News of Kraft Heinz's latest breakfast product struck a chord with readers this week, as did stories from Kroger and Starbucks.

Restaurants dish up more veggie-based options

Mainstream restaurants and vegan eateries get innovative with new plant-based dishes.

Masa, mezcal reflect Mexico’s culinary craft

Washington, D.C., Mexican restaurant Espita Mezcaleria highlights the importance of masa and mezcal to Mexican cuisine and culture through thoughtful sourcing and a menu built around handmade products.

Creamy Creation joined forces with Onno Komeijer, 2-star Michelin chef, to tap into the millennial-driven, growing trend of iced coffee with a fresh and sophisticated Espresso Martini
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Creamy Creation’s Georgia Dina Konstantopoulos discusses how the company works with cream liqueur brand owners to create solutions for innovative cocktails that put a new twist on old favorites.

General Mills unveils first new Lucky Charms marshmallow shape in 10 years

Food nostalgia took over readers this week with news about the first new Lucky Charms marshmallow catching the attention of many.

Q&A: Kellogg’s Wendy Davidson on the company’s commitment to school breakfast
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In this interview, Kellogg President of US Specialty Channels Wendy Davidson discusses how the company is helping students get the best start to their day through its Breakfasts for Better Days program.