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Cacao beans/Sweet Street CEO: The story behind sustainable chocolate sourcing
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Sweet Street founder and CEO Sandy Solmon traveled to Peru to tour family-run cocoa plantations and get hands-on knowledge of how chocolate is made.

News about large CPG companies took the majority of this week’s most-read stories with PepsiCo’s move to create “e-commerce-friendly packaging” sitting at the top of the list.

How CPG brands can thrive with e-commerce

Whether a consumer packaged goods company is just getting started or it already has a strong brick-and-mortar following, it’s a good idea to establish an online presence.

Report: Painting a picture of digital food shopping’s evolution

How are food retailers doing in terms of capitalizing on digital shopping? A recent FMI-Nielsen report found out.

Top 10: Kraft Heinz, The French Laundry and the annual Beard awards

Top 10: Kraft Heinz, The French Laundry and the annual Beard awards

Chefs put Mexico’s culinary heritage on the menu with heirloom corn

Through his company, Masienda, Jorge Gaviria is helping US chefs honor Mexico's culinary heritage by sourcing Mexican heirloom corn that they process in-house.

A view of Michelle Obama's White House kitchen  garden

Michelle Obama planted the seeds of a local food trend

Top 10: A McDonald's for Francophiles, Meijer's viral valentine and a popular pudding

A New York McDonald's with high-end design and pastry offerings, Meijer's popular Valentine's Day video and new snacks from Snyder's-Lance were among this week's most-read stories.

foodservice labor

The majority of operators are certainly worried about rising labor costs – 75% of operators said they are concerned about labor costs, and one-third of operators are very concerned.

Grocery store sommeliers

Having an expert staff a grocery’s wine department can boost sales for both the wine brands and the store itself.

Amazon's top selling snacks

Amazon was featured in two of the top ten most-clicked food and beverage stories this week.

The future of snacking

We are now a nation of snackers! As The Hartman Group’s, The Future of Snacking 2016 report finds, 91% of consumers snack multiple times throughout the day

Sprouted grains beat processed flour on digestibility, nutrition
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Baked goods made with true sprouted grains are easier to digest than those made with traditional processed flour, which makes them more nutritious and a good option for consumers looking for foods that can help fight belly bloat.

Q&A: Tech offers restaurateurs a fix for almost any problem
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In this interview, Upserve’s Senior Director of Revenue Marketing Chad Troutman discusses how operators can select the right tech for their restaurants and ensure a smooth transition.

Q&A: Premier Protein’s Chief Protein Officer discusses protein sources, benefits
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In this interview, Premier Protein’s Chief Protein Officer, Dr. Robert Wildman, offers insights into different protein types and how much the average person needs.