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How to turn restaurant data analytics into increased sales

Restaurants often have a mountain of data at their fingertips, but aren’t sure how to turn it into useful insights that can drive sales. These expert tips can help.

Top 10: Stories about dairy topped this week's most popular food and beverage news

News about dairy drew interest from readers this week. Find out what else made the top 10 in food and beverage news.

How personalized marketing and owned media can capture consumers' attention

Using personalized marketing campaigns and owned media can make messaging more effective and reach a greater number of consumers, said panelists at the recent GMA Leadership Forum.

3 ways digitization is changing the future of grocery retail

As consumers increase their use of digital devices while shopping, grocers and CPG brands must evolve to stay relevant. Speakers at the recent GMA Leadership Forum shed light on how these firms can optimize their use of digital platforms.

Amazon books strong sales of Whole Foods private-label foods

Top 10: CPG brands, private-label foods, reflections on a restaurant career

Q&A: Acosta CEO on how e-commerce, channel-blurring are shaking up CPG
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E-commerce and click-and-collect are changing the grocery and consumer packaged goods landscape, but offering a good experience and ensuring the store works for the consumer is still paramount, said President and CEO of Acosta Steve Matthesen.

What’s next for fast casuals?

Is this the end of the golden age of fast casual dining?

Taste, texture are key considerations for sugar reduction in foodservice
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Tweaking food and beverage formulations can be a daunting task since taste, texture and appearance hang in the balance. Two scientists from Kerry talk about how the company works with foodservice clients for successful sugar reduction.

Flavor, convenience are key to helping consumers eat more plants
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The American diet is slowly shifting as consumers make an effort to eat more plants, and shoppers are on the lookout for products and solutions that make it easier and more delicious to work more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Clean eating and avoiding allergens are top concerns for college students
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Finding foods that agree with specific dietary needs and knowing where the ingredients in their food come from are among the top priorities for college students and their millennial and Generation Z peers.

Ahimi plant-based tuna; A plant-based approach to sustainable seafood

Started by a chef with a mission to create a sustainable, plant-based alternative to tuna, Ocean Hugger Foods is preparing to add two new items to its lineup of plant-based seafood products.

Improved cream liqueur formulations, a splash of creativity take cream liqueur applications to the next level
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Creamy Creation Marketing Manager Floris Daamen discusses the possibilities for cream liqueurs and how the brand teamed with a Michelin-starred chef to create an innovative collection of cream liqueur cocktails.

McCafe to debut bottled coffee

Four executives announced they will leave Reckitt Benckiser, Lidl has plans to expand to Ohio and McDonald's will roll out bottled McCafe coffees for grocery retail.

Technomic: Ghirardelli can give foodservice operators a substantial boost to their image and sweeten sales
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The Ghirardelli brand has a high rate of awareness and a strong reputation for quality among consumers, and can give foodservice operators an edge in the dessert and beverage categories, according to a Technomic study completed earlier this year.

Loyalty, relationships drive consumers in the experience economy

Read about how restaurants and retailers are tapping into consumers' desires for experiences and bringing experiential retail into their establishments.