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Innovation, new products were on the menu this week

Readers clicked on stories about innovation and new food and beverage products this week. Read the full top 10 list.

Top 3 food and beverage trends from NRA Show 2017

Plant-based alternatives to meat and seafood, upgraded eggs and a bevy of beverages on tap were top trends at the National Restaurant Association Show.

Knowledge, enthusiasm and a planned approach can turn servers into sellers

Hospitality expert Bob Brown outlined strategies that restaurant owners and managers can use to boost check averages and increase customer satisfaction at a session during NRA Show 2017.

Kraft Heinz's acquisition outlook, ALDI's prices, Chick-fil-A's new sandwich

CPG acquisition plans, grocery news and culinary tips ranked high with SmartBrief readers.

Not that long ago, “eating in” could only mean one of two things: buying groceries and cooking from scratch or ordering delivery or take out from a restaurant. Today “foodservice at home” means much more.

Q&A: Food safety knowledge, culinary creativity empower foodservice operators to put peanuts on the menu
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Serving foods that pose a potential allergy risk can be an area of concern for foodservice operators, but focusing on caution and preparedness allows operators to serve any dish with confidence.

Rick Bayless presents at NRA Show 2016

More than 45,000 restaurant industry professionals are expected to attend the annual National Restaurant Association Restaurant Hotel-Motel Show and BAR 17 event later this month. Here's a preview of the sessions and speakers.

Top 10: Two new Oreos and an iconic apple pie

Oreos, McDonald's apple pie and Kroger's meal kits ranked high with SmartBrief readers.

 Q&A: Top Cut knives combine form and function to meet the needs of foodservice chefs
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In this interview, Cangshan founder Henry Liu discusses how the company considered everything from materials to food safety when designing the line and what three knives are must-haves for every chef.

In-store restaurant, grocerant

Concentrating on upping fresh perimeter experiences, food retailers have been savvy to the fresh trend for some time, and a small number, have even emerged as talented grocerant operators.

When is a craft beverage no longer considered "craft?"

As craft beverages proliferate, many in the industry are wondering what qualifies a drink as "craft"

Top 10: Hershey, Birds Eye, McDonald’s make news with new items

New products from companies including Hershey, Birds Eye and McDonald's rate with SmartBrief readers

Taking the foodservice supply chain to the next level of traceability

The broad cross-section of industry trading partners that joined together to form the Foodservice GS1 US Standards Initiative has made important progress in aligning the foodservice supply chain to meet consumer need, GS1 US' Angela Fernandez writes.

Sweet Street’s Manifesto line is born from a commitment to clean ingredients
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“Clean label” can mean different things to different people, but the term is increasingly important as more shoppers seek wholesome foods without additives. Sweet Street’s commitment to cleaner ingredients inspired the brand to launch its Manifesto line.

Incorporating big data into the beverage business

Big data and analytics have become an integral part of the beverage business. How are retailers, restaurants and CPGs collecting and using consumer data to track beverage trends?