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We often get into action to satisfy our need for closure, not because we have the right action to pursue.

Culture-brand integration

Too many companies have one set of values for employees and another for their brand.


It’s hard to feel mentally tough when you’re stuck. You need the grit to welcome challenges as obstacles to overcome.


Entrepreneurs offer advice on how to make the most of your summer interns.


Last week's poll question: How well do you define the question at hand before rushing off to solve the problem?

Bill Weiland quote

Presence Marketing CEO Bill Weiland on how he leads and communicates -- and what he expects in return.


Playing favorites leads to missed opportunities for you and your team. You lose out on new perspectives, new ideas and unique problem-solving techniques.

Management is not about getting involved in every little detail.


We’re told not to be emotionally attached to the outcome. But forget that: You and your team should care about results.


Why don’t more leaders use powerful stories to inspire their people, build engagement, shift mindsets (from fixed to growth) and strengthen resolve?


Last week's poll question: Are you a procrastinator on big projects?


At your next meeting, remember that the best way to learn something is to shut up and listen.


Learn about project-specific mentoring and why growth springs from developing your people.

Leadership secret

Try new approaches to how you give feedback, hold one-on-ones and motivate your people.


Remaining current and competitive demands new mindsets, habits, and ways of interacting with the world around us.