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We are fast moving toward a world where hierarchical organizational structures will bend and break. What happens then?


The next time you’re dealing with a stalemate, step back from the argument and revisit the premises on which it is based.

Health and wellness

Six entrepreneurs offer advice on successful wellness programs

Last week's poll question: Has your boss ever sabotaged your efforts to take on a new role?


How can we keep our sense of power to drive change even in the face of adversity?


Stepping back can help us move forward. Here are some things to think about during those times.

Just in time

Leadership today demands in-the-moment responsiveness. You can’t afford to misread people’s needs or default to using your power to drive results.

Women in leadership

Executives discussed empathetic communication, collaborative mentoring and effective networking at the 2017 SmartBrief Women in Leadership Forum.


Self-serving leaders might get short-term results but, over the long term, key outcomes are negatively affected by selfish leaders’ actions.

Last week's poll question: Which is more important: having a great technology to sell or a great operation that sells it?

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Best practices for cities around investing in technology


Technology is not a substitute for leadership, especially in business.


Disengaged employees cost the US billions each year. What can managers do?


Help your team members discover how they can disrupt the status quo.


Here’s a closer look at why CEOs lack emotional intelligence and what can be done to enhance it.