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People support what they help to create. Meeting ownership shifts when participants are involved in determining the who, what, when, where and why of their meeting.

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When you swim you have nothing to do but think, which these days is a rare indulgence.


Move past gossip, complaints and distractions to have the conversations that actually make a difference.

Winners and losers

Take a deep breath. You're probably not in a fight to the death.


Looking at our top blog posts of 2017 and what we can learn from them.


Research is backing up the idea of gratitude, which makes it crucial that we know what it means.

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Go beyond good intentions and act in 2018 on improving workplace culture.


Executives reflect on their careers and offer advice for aspiring leaders.

Taboo conversations

How can we move beyond polarization to talk about difficult issues at work?

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Career growth

Success and self-improvement can happen at the same time, but they are not the same thing.

Clase Azul

The founder of high-end tequila brand Clase Azul shares his life's lessons.


Instead of striving for perfection, work to achieve excellence. Your goal should be great work, not picture-perfect minutiae.