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"To be a great leader, you can't just go speak in front of the company, and communicate where we're going, and be a great leader. You got to do it every day."

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Resist the urge to do everything yourself. Here is some advice on empowering your team.


The challenge is to make time to think and document your thoughts as words, pictures or diagrams.


Not every workplace has new titles or formal roles, but every workplace has opportunity -- limited only by the imagination and commitment of employees and leaders.


Don't be afraid to apologize and make things right.


The following strategies can help leaders create a more accountable and higher-achieving work environment.

Change management

Why is change management so difficult? How can it be made easier?

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Most organizations seriously underestimate the time and energy that will be required by the board to conduct a CEO search.


How can you be more authentic and credible when collecting feedback?


We are fast moving toward a world where hierarchical organizational structures will bend and break. What happens then?


The next time you’re dealing with a stalemate, step back from the argument and revisit the premises on which it is based.

Health and wellness

Six entrepreneurs offer advice on successful wellness programs

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