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Animate the vision

When you weave the emotional connection to what matters most to the buyer together with the logical case for change, you animate the vision. You breathe life into it by making it more concrete.


Innovation requires an environment of psychological safety.


Dealing with problems is hard enough; don't blame yourself for the ones that aren't your fault.


The founder of NatureBox talks about what he’s learned as both an entrepreneur and the leader of a growing organization, and what it takes to run a startup.

Last week's question: Which efficiency mistake do you most commonly see leaders make?


To get better results, act with intention, and make sure your actions and values are aligned.


Everyone can get better at communicating.


If you have team members who tend to go full-speed all the time, make them take periodic breaks. Otherwise, efficiency will start to take a hit.


Even across cultural divides, rivalries and conflict, there are human connections to be made.


An important person is leaving. How does your company adapt? Here are 12 ideas from Young Entrepreneur Council members.


If values don't matter as much as results, you'll allow bad actors to gain power -- and drive away talent.

Last week's poll question: When is the last time you participated as a team member instead of leading your team?

Bob Patel and Cal Dooley

SmartBrief spoke March 22 with Cal Dooley, American Chemistry Council President and CEO, after a forum that brought together the chemical industry and other stakeholders in the Texas Gulf Coast region.

Women in leadership

Does your company culture encourage gender diversity at the highest levels?

Bob Stoops

Retirement is inevitable, and every lead must eventually move on.