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One against all

This article outlines six strategies that effectively grow your social media followers.

US baby product retailer Babyhaven launched a Chinese e-commerce website this year to reach millennial moms in China.

Retailers can use these proven ways to market their products in China and capitalize on the strong demand for American products:

Retailers: It’s vital that your website serves as an enabler of, and not a barrier to, sales growth


Trust is key to facilitating a business transition or pivot.

Clever case studies

The founder of an influencer marketing agency offers advice on starting your own business.

Connected technology

The shift to increased reliance on voice over the past year is perhaps the biggest change for marketers since the advent of the smartphone.

Shopping mall

Brand awareness is a vital strategy for reaching prospects and driving leads.

Typing on laptop

New research by SmartBrief and the Content Marketing Institute finds that business leaders search for content that speaks to specific needs and pain points, educates and makes their search for product specs easily accessible.

Influencer marketing agencies aren't going anywhere

The growing prominence of digital influencers in social media marketing has left some worrying: are agencies getting cut out of the influencer marketing boom?

2017 may be the year we see a shift from big theatrical releases to OTT productions.

Breaking SEO rules could put your page rank in jeopardy

Today's influencers are knowledgeable, powerful and empowered

The Do’s & Don’ts of loyalty marketing

Loyalty marketing needs in-depth read-outs, consistent and meticulous attention to the small minutiae of customer interactions across complicated channels.

As more and more consumer activity moves to social media, it’s clear that social media IDs should be linked to the CRM for a truly complete customer view.

Customer service
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The right automation tools can help customer service agents provide a highly customized and efficient solution while meeting expectations in an increasingly personalized world.