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Knowledge, enthusiasm and a planned approach can turn servers into sellers

Hospitality expert Bob Brown outlined strategies that restaurant owners and managers can use to boost check averages and increase customer satisfaction at a session during NRA Show 2017.

What’s trending? From free tuition to Google in schools, don’t miss these most-read stories.

Tech Showcase roundup: May

Professional-development for differentiated instruction, literacy lead May’s Tech Showcase.


How can you create an engaging environment inside your organization? How does leadership mindset need to change to embrace all that these new graduates can offer?

Kraft Heinz's acquisition outlook, ALDI's prices, Chick-fil-A's new sandwich

CPG acquisition plans, grocery news and culinary tips ranked high with SmartBrief readers.

Eric Barker’s writing is based on the idea that “Here’s the best we’ve got right now.” His book aims to go beyond platitudes to help people find success.


Google's success as a search engine can overshadow the company's hundreds of other products and services. Here are some facts about them.

Air time

Are some people talking too much and others not enough? Here's how to recognize the signs and, importantly, what to do about it.

Vestas crew
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Repowering considerations and what's right for your assets


Content platforms provide positive and negative attention. Both are opportunities for brands.


Uncertainty and ambiguity are the enemy, but if we want to survive in today’s environment, we’d better get used to them. Here's advice on becoming resilient.

Diff Eyewear's Instagram

Brands can succeed in influencer marketing if they keep these tips in mind.


Every employee departure offers the opportunity to learn. Here are 15 lessons from Young Entrepreneur Council members.

Not that long ago, “eating in” could only mean one of two things: buying groceries and cooking from scratch or ordering delivery or take out from a restaurant. Today “foodservice at home” means much more.

Former senior official at the US Department of Education discusses education reform trends.