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Shopping mall

Here are some ways retailers should consider creating more meaningful experiences for shoppers this holiday season.

3 ways to use video for training

Three benefits to using video for exchanging ideas and supporting instruction.

Ban Ki-Moon speaks at GFLC 2017

Former United Nations Secretary-General highlights climate change, terrorism and trouble on the Korean Peninsula

Last week's poll question: Which do you manage more closely: your personal finances or your business’ finances?

Report: How millennials, service and engagement are trending on social in food and beverage

A recent report identified millennials, customer service and engagement as major social trends. Find out how they play into SmartBrief's coverage of food and beverage news.


How can we cultivate a new generation of leaders to match the achievements of those from the past?


How publication companies are coping with our rapidly changing media environment.

What’s trending? From student engagement to holistic PE, don’t miss these most-read stories.

This week’s top 10 was heavy with CPG and food retail news, particularly stories having to do with Amazon.


Let your people vent their feelings first before giving them a new assignment. It is good to confront the issues in the room before action is taken.


Leaders can't ignore their talent pipelines any longer.

Risk-taking inspires perseverance and learning.


Leaders are at great risk of loneliness. Here is some advice on finding community.

Finger Lakes wineries work together to make a name for themselves

Winemakers in New York's Finger Lakes are building a reputation for themselves and the area.