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Gamify keyboarding skills

A gaming platform helps kindergarteners learn to type.

Last week's poll question: How willing are you to take a risk and let team members make decisions?

Shoppers in China

As Americans prepare to savor the year’s best holiday sales opportunities, an even bigger sales extravaganza just took place in China: Singles Day.


U2 is not just about the music but also about the band's internal dynamics and culture.


What are you doing each week to ensure you're working at your most thoughtful?

Restaurant tech evolution: Personalizing access and experience

From mobile apps to chatbots, the restaurant industry is changing, and eateries must keep pace with digital diners. Read some best practices from execs from the North Highland Company.

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Leadership is nurtured by inclusion, not because it’s a nice to do, it’s a must-do.

Online marketing

In order to get started on the right foot with your digital marketing endeavors, you’re going to write down your goal, choose a type of content to master, and pick one social media channel to promote your business.

Allowing students to re-take exams can increase their motivation and reward hard work.

As with many consumer-driven mega-trends that have achieved mainstream stature following years of lurking on the fringes of culture, consumer involvement with all things “sustainable” is now at an all-time high.


High-potential program don't work, and we should stop pretending they do.

Tips for cross-curricular STEM

Online resources help connect social studies to STEM.

What’s trending? From dyslexia to early math lessons, don’t miss these most-read stories.

New snacks bring plant-based trend to the center of the store

Food brands are introducing new packaged crackers, chips and other snacks with a focus on nutrition and helping shoppers increase their plant intake.