Partnering with SmartBrief

Partner with SmartBrief? What’s in it for you? They’re good questions – with some smart answers:

  • We’ve Got The Numbers: With millions of subscribers across 200+ publications for hundreds of leading associations, professional societies, corporate and nonprofit organizations, SmartBrief offers a proven, highly targeted, efficient way to reach your members, employees or stakeholders.
  • We’re Real Partners: From our expert Partner Development Team that takes you through onboarding, best practices, setup and audience development to our editorial team that filters and curates content to help you transform information into insight for your audience, SmartBrief relieves the burden on your communications team and “walks the walk” when it comes to calling ourselves your partner.
  • Content, Content, Content: When it comes to news, trends and insights that affect your industry – balanced against your members’ busy schedules – it comes down to quality, not quantity. That’s why we’re content curators, not copy-and-pasters. Working with a proprietary aggregation system, our experienced editors deliver relevant content with above-average engagement rates across 15+ industries.
  • Seamless Look and Feel: We handle every aspect of the publication for you, from design and drafting to distribution, all wrapped in your organization’s branding.
  • Industry Know-How: Our experienced editors know your industry and work with your communications team to select timely and relevant content with your members’ unique needs in mind.
  • State-Of-The-Art Reporting: Through our custom metrics portal and real-time polling, you gain valuable insight on the issues that are most critical for your members and the industry as a whole.
  • We’re Growth Specialists: Your members – and their colleagues – already are reading our publications. With a unique reader mix of millions of subscribers and an almost equal number of viral readers, SmartBrief can help you exponentially broaden your organization’s reach within your industry.
  • Revenue and Branding Opportunities: You may be looking for a new revenue source or to extend the visibility of your brand. Our industry-focused advertising sales team brings it together with exclusive advertising space that provides noise-free communications platform or opportunity to attract new sponsors. SmartBrief also shares a percentage of the publication's revenue with our association and professional-society partners.

SmartBrief:  It’s smart for your business.

About the Strategic Partnerships Team

If this team had a motto, it would be “born to network.” The SmartBrief Strategic Partnerships team is dedicated to building relationships and finding new partners that align with the industries and publications we represent. The end result is valuable, relevant messaging reaching the most receptive audiences. Contact the team today.

About the Partner Development Team

It’s their nature to nurture. From onboarding, setup and training to best practices and audience development, the SmartBrief Partner Development Team members offer the people and tools to manage every aspect of the partnership life cycle. They work with internal communications teams, editors and content providers to ensure a seamless SmartBrief experience. Contact them today.