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SmartBrief 101 

5 Million Subscriptions 
180+ Partners / Associations 
1,047 Advertisers

Total number of summaries in one year - 522,022
Total sources used - 7,355 (*2,000 used more than once)
Total articles ‘examined’ in a year - 52,445,700 

Number of emails sent:

Daily - 2.63 million
Annually - 960 million

Lead. Engage. Transform. 

At SmartBrief we strive to keep you informed and prepared. Our product strategy provides flexibility and choice to our subscribers, partners and advertisers to meet all their content needs. Through our suite of e-mail newsletters, dedicated sends, white papers, webinars, live blogs and trade show and event coverage, we empower brands, agencies, associations and companies with the power to find the right audience at the right time and in the right place.