Content Services

Making Your Message Relevant

You know what’s smart? Flexibility. And that’s our approach to content services, from how to reach your audience to what to say when you have their attention. And whether you want to refresh your existing information or have us create custom content for you, SmartBrief can help tailor your message – and ensure it reaches the right audience.

White Papers by SmartBrief

Our custom white papers deliver a smart, simple way to position your organization as a thought leader on a variety of topics and subjects, written and managed by SmartBrief’s network of expert B2B writers, editors and subject-matter experts. We can start from scratch or build on your ideas, including supervision of research, interviews and permissions.

Starting with our standard 4-page format, SmartBrief White Papers offer: 

  • Long-lasting, relevant content.
  • Easy distribution via downloadable PDF.
  • A valuable asset for CPL campaigns.

SmartBrief Webinars

Ready to share some expertise? SmartBrief will provide a subject-matter-expert moderator and produce a high-quality, informative, insightful webinar experience, providing value for every registrant.

Built around significant, current industry topics, these 60-minute sessions for up to 250 participants deliver:

  • A Reporting Dashboard.
  • Live polling and Q&A.
  • A 3-month archive.
  • A 6-person conference bridge for participants.
  • Widgets to support additional resources, slides, downloads and speaker bios.
  • Branded console and branded confirmation/registration/reminder e-mails.
  • Webinar scripts, moderator and speakers (sponsors can provide as well).
  • Add-ons are also available and include additional participants, extended reporting and hosting, post-event follow-ups, and much more.

Content Feeds

Want a steady stream of curated, industry-specific articles to power your website, blog or mobile app? SmartBrief custom-configured content feeds offer the relevance of our briefs in a turnkey package, right down to linkable headlines and article summaries.

Relevant content without the legwork? That’s smart.

Branded E-Newsletter

Want to give your employees, customers, or partners a regular dose of thought leadership, right in their inbox? SmartBrief’s custom branded e-newsletters give you the impact of an industry-specific SmartBrief, plus the exposure of having your organization’s name at the top.

Available 1-5 days a week, your custom e-newsletter offers a tailored taxonomy of news articles scraped and summarized by topic, and can even be supported by ad revenue (pending business case analysis).

Press Release Services

Offering the ability to reach 5 million thought leaders and professionals on a daily basis, press release promotion through SmartBrief gives you the reach and exposure you want, in just a few clicks. You can target your release to specific audiences so that it can be viewed by those who matter most to you.

With SmartBrief’s intuitive, simple, self-service press release system, you provide a headline (up to 120 characters) and a link to your original release. Next, your press release is fed into contextual SmartBriefs and featured in the “Corporate Buzz” section of SmartBrief e-newsletters.

Simple sharing. That’s the smart way to do it. See for yourself how it works.