Content Sponsorships

Increasing Your Visibility

Visibility, expertise and relevance – those are the hallmarks of an industry leader. By sponsoring industry-specific content through SmartBrief, your organization gets the best of all three, putting its name front and center in your audience’s inbox alongside your industry’s most important news.

Topic-Based Special Reports

Looking for a way to bookend your upcoming event or trade show, or to extend your online presence? Special reports by SmartBrief can help you reach an entire e-newsletter audience with some of the hottest news and trends in your industry.

With your exclusive sponsorship, you get to choose your 1- or 2-part special report from a list of partner association-approved topics of 100% SmartBrief content, which SmartBrief then produces and distributes for you.

This is the smart way to align your organization with the latest, most relevant industry topics.

Year End Reports

Year-End Report sponsorship opportunities from SmartBrief give you the chance to position your organization as an industry thought leader to one of the biggest audiences available all year.

Typically, the Year-End Report captures the most important and interesting stories shared in an industry during the calendar year. It is also sets the stage for the coming year with an original thought piece (either a Q&A with an industry leader or an association executive, or commentary from the brief’s editor) as well as predictions based on audience polling. As a sponsor of this popular report, you get:

  • The opportunity to suggest one of four poll questions in the months of November and early December.
  • Your logo prominently displayed above the poll.
  • One exclusive send in December, with an industry thought leader's perspective on the year, and the year ahead.
  • 5 points of branding: 4 sponsored polls in the regular e-newsletter, and 1 exclusive send.
  • Expert Q&A lives permanently on the web as a blog post.

Trade Show and Special Event Reports

Want to make a smart impression at your next trade show or special event? By sponsoring show-specific reports, SmartBrief gives your organization the opportunity to reach attendees before and after the event with customized, relevant content.

The official “Show Report” will offer readers highlights of the event prior to and post-conference. It is offered exclusively to one sponsor.

SmartBrief also offers the option of several topic-based reports for each event, perfect if you’re:

  • Sponsoring a specific track at the event or conference.
  • Promoting a new product that addresses a particular issue.

By partnering with SmartBrief, you can associate your brand with laser-focused news and analysis that attendees want to read.

Live Event Blogging

Want to reach attendees and industry participants via social media during the event? You can sponsor a SmartBrief-hosted and curated service that aggregates the social buzz while your whole industry is watching.

Blog Series Sponsorships

This exclusive sponsorship opportunity gives your organization the chance to work with SmartBrief in developing original content that targets a specific audience. Highlights of this exciting program include:

  • A mutually agreed upon number of posts to be run once or twice per month on on of SmartBrief's SmartBlogs.
  • A theme for the original content series which is mutually agreed upon and decided by sponsor and SmartBrief.
  • SmartBrief driving traffic to the blog posts with a special named section (or an existing agreed-upon section) in selected briefs, whenever the blog post runs.
  • SmartBrief securing and creating all content for publication.
  • A small logo and brief introduction (2-3 sentences) to sponsor atop of each blog post.

For more details, or to address any questions about the program, contact our sales team.

Featured Content Section

With unmatched visibility, the Featured Content section is ideal for organizations that publish regular content series or reports on specific subject areas, and that seek additional distribution and market awareness. Through a Featured Content section sponsorship, you can promote your content marketing assets in an existing SmartBrief e-newsletter. Features include:

  • Your content branded with your organization’s logo inside a SmartBrief e-newsletter.
  • Content displayed as headlines with 100-word summaries linking back to your full length article or report (or a url of your choosing).
  • Full reporting, including total views, total clicks, and the title and company name of those who clicked.

Dedicated Sends

The Dedicated Send sponsorship gives you the opportunity to send an exclusive, 100% ad-content e-mail to one of our professional audience segments. 

This unique, limited opportunity can be used for lead generation, important announcements or branding. It can also be used to leverage more of your organization’s content and insight with an “advertorial” flavor.

To learn more about SmartBrief Content Sponsorship opportunities, click here.