Your priorities: Direction and motivation

More than 1,400 SmartBrief on Leadership readers weighed in on last week's poll, Which of the following do you think is the most important to good leadership?

  • Having a clear vision or strategy -- 563 votes 39.2%
  • Creating a motivational environment for employees -- 409 votes 28.5%
  • Being a good communicator -- 275 votes 19.2%
  • Hiring smart people -- 156 votes 10.9%
  • Rewarding exceptional performance -- 32 votes 2.2%

According to Summus President Eva Schmatz, "Setting direction through clear vision and strategy is still the central job function of the business leader. But, creating the right environment is a strong second at almost 30%. This shows distinct leadership priorities. Set direction, get employees on board."

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