Still hiring, but with caution

More than 220 SmartBrief on Workforce readers weighed in on last week's SmartPulse question: Do you expect your organization to be under a hiring freeze in 2009?

  • No, but we are using more caution than usual in our hiring plans – 73 votes, 32.59%
  • Yes, across the entire company – 61 votes, 27.23%
  • Yes, but exceptions will be made if we come across irresistible candidates – 32 votes, 14.29%
  • No, we're hiring as usual - 30 votes, 13.39%
  • Yes, but only in certain departments – 28 votes, 12.5% 

"When the economy turns cool, many employers turn to hiring freezes to try to contain costs. More than a quarter of you are working for organizations that have instituted such policies across the board. Another 12% have halted hiring in certain departments. But not everyone is holding back: Nearly a third of you said you were still hiring, albeit cautiously, 13% say you are hiring as usual and 14% say you'll ignore a hiring freeze for the perfect candidate." -- Mary Ellen Slayter, senior editor, SmartBrief on Workforce.

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