A study that compared the cost and lifestyle benefits of minimally invasive procedures with traditional surgery found that of six treatments evaluated, percutaneous coronary intervention offered the greatest benefits over traditional surgery. PCI was compared with open-heart bypass surgery in the study, published in JAMA Surgery. PCI saved an average of $30,850 and 37.7 missed work days, according to the study, which estimated that substituting minimally invasive procedures for traditional surgery could have saved as much as $14 billion in health care costs and professional absenteeism in 2009. SCAI Trustee Dr. Cindy Grines noted that although the lifesaving benefits of interventional procedures are important, the new study highlights another important endpoint: quality of life. "Most procedures we do in this country aren't done for lifesaving reasons," Grines said. "... If you get a knee or hip replacement, it's all quality of life."

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