Read the Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey Results report.
Read the Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey Results report. Download now
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We asked. Over 3000 mobile users answered.
Mobile trends, insights, and predictions.
Dear Digital Marketer,
Over 3000 mobile users across the United States, Canada, UK, France, and Germany let us in on what devices they use, how they interact with apps and websites, and what they want most out of their mobile experiences. The findings show there is significant room for improvement in user experiences.
Download the Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey Results report and learn:
Why tablet device use has grown by 12% from 2012
The danger of launching mobile channels without analytics
Secrets to ensuring friendly social media
Why mobile search and display ads are expected to grow 50% by 2015
Download now
Adobe 2013 Mobile Consumer Survey Results
Download now
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