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B-schools in London face new regulatory threats


Business schools in London are facing a "perfect storm" of challenges brought on by the Brexit vote and looming regulatory reforms, according to a new study. Researchers say new limits on student loans and restrictions on student visas could affect enrollment at b-schools in the city.

AIMA's Inglis: Market, talent access among post-Brexit concerns


AIMA CEO Jack Inglis says hedge fund managers are focused on maintaining access to talent and European markets after Brexit, based on surveys of AIMA members. A lack of clarity remains on many issues, but the post-Brexit scenario for hedge funds likely won't be "as big a deal as perhaps it could be for other sectors within financial services," says Inglis, who will join a panel on the topic at this year's Amsterdam Investor Forum.

Brexit, oil prices push UK inflation to 1.8%


Rising oil prices and a fall in the pound since the UK's Brexit decision have pushed inflation up to 1.8%, the fastest pace since June 2014. The Bank of England expects consumer prices to near 2.7% by year-end while many analysts predict it will pass 3%, resulting in pressure to raise interest rates.

EU access loss possible for UK financial sector


Brexit is posing problems across the UK financial sector as all players, including banks and payment processors, risk losing access to the EU, particularly in a "hard Brexit."

Sterling expected to hit a low in Q2


Analysts and strategists are forecasting that the pound will drop to a record low by the end of the second quarter, after it fell this week for the fourth time in five days. It rose 4% last month after Prime Minister Theresa May presented the UK's Brexit plans, but analysts say that ongoing Brexit uncertainties will exert increasing downward pressure.

ESMA: EU shouldn't weaken rules to lure UK businesses


EU regulators should not relax standards to attract financial firms from Britain as Brexit approaches, said Steven Maijoor, chairman of the European Securities and Markets Authority. There is a risk that a national regulator in one of the EU states could compete for UK businesses by weakening regulations, he told the European Parliament.

Denmark puts in bid to become new EMA home


Denmark is entering the running to host the new headquarters of the London-based European Medicines Agency following Brexit, saying the Danish Medicines Agency can provide scientific support services comparable to those of the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. The Netherlands, Ireland and Sweden have also submitted bids.

A guide to managing risk in uncertain times


Political shifts can lead to financial market volatility that affects your clients, attorney Sandra Swirski writes. She identifies the most likely disruptive factors in coming months and offers advice on how to help clients minimize risk.

How to manage risk in stormy times


Current political uncertainties worldwide, from the advent of the Trump administration to Brexit and the rise of populism in Europe, seem to indicate that a degree of volatility will inevitably affect financial markets. Attorney Sandra Swirski identifies the most likely disruptive factors and offers advice on how to minimize risk.

Commentary: How to help clients manage risk in stormy times


Political uncertainties worldwide seem to indicate that a degree of volatility will affect the financial industry and its clients, lawyer Sandra Swirski writes. Swirski identifies the most likely disruptive factors and offers advice on how advisors can help clients minimize risk.