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Survey: Fewer EU grads seeking work in the UK


The number of graduates from European Union countries seeking jobs in the UK fell by 18% from May to July last year, according to a report from LinkedIn. Researchers said the study highlights the effects of the Brexit vote on businesses in the UK.

The Economist's social strategy to boost subscribers


The Economist's social audience increased by 25% over the last year to reach 44 million people, mainly across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat, while digital subscriptions rose 14% in the same period, Lucinda Southern writes. The company estimates that it takes nine weeks for a reader to become a subscriber, and it encourages that uptake by teasing articles on social, by retargeting interested followers with relevant content, and by running display ads with links to subscribe.

How to make a better impression on LinkedIn


Those who regularly start new side projects or freelance jobs should turn off their activity feeds so they aren't spamming their networks all the time, writes Sara McCord. You should also avoid regularly changing your headline, which can make it appear as if you're wishy-washy about your role.

RipeDaily helps advertisers connect with millennials on social causes


Ad network RipeDaily Media is helping advertisers connect with socially aware millennials by targeting ads to sites that promote social causes, such as animal welfare, sustainability and climate change. The company reports that it can reach 11.2 million monthly visitors via its publisher collaborations, 67% of whom are college graduates and many of whom have active followings on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Commentary: Glassdoor, Indeed among top job-search resources


Glassdoor is one of the best job-search resources because of its employee reviews and salary information, writes Sherri Thomas. Other helpful resources include Indeed, which offers advanced search options, and LinkedIn, which can help job-seekers get referrals.

Nielsen: Gen X outpaces millennials in social media use


Generation X -- those aged between 35 and 49 -- invest six hours and 58 minutes of their time each week on social media, 39 minutes more than their millennial counterparts, per Nielsen. The research found that Facebook is the most popular social network for smartphone users, followed by Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Snapchat.

Advice on the sales funnel from strategist to Mastercard, Apple


Sales strategist Marylou Tyler, who works with UPS, Apple and Mastercard, shares tips on finding high-quality leads on LinkedIn, matching sales rep expertise to the right prospects, and why sometimes it's beneficial to rejig the sales process.