March jobs report shows unemployment rate of 4.4%
NBC News

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a loss of 701,000 jobs in March, driving the unemployment rate to 4.4%. Barclay's US chief economist, Michael Gapen, predicts April will show more losses and that the unemployment rate could be more than 10%.

Texas educators mix creative, standard tools to teach

Teachers at a Texas middle school have been assembling materials for remote education to keep students engaged through the school's coronavirus-related closure, which is scheduled to end May 4 unless it is extended. Teachers say these materials involve a range of media, including video lectures, slide decks, and immersive "web quest" websites highlighting study materials, such as a graphic novel that tells the story of explorers Lewis and Clark.

Banks could make billions in fees on SBA relief loans

Banks and credit unions are poised to earn billions in fees on the $350 billion in loans offered by the Small Business Association as part of the US coronavirus relief efforts. The loans are part of the $2 trillion relief package approved by Congress and the fees banks collect will be on a sliding scale based on the size of the loan.

Kroger to try one-way aisles to aid social distancing

Kroger will soon test one-way aisles in its stores as another way to help with social distancing, protect its shoppers and employees and slow the spread of coronavirus. Kroger, which usually tries new ideas in select markets before rolling them out to all of its 2,757 stores, has not yet announced where the aisle test will take place.

Big labs accused of siloing COVID-19 test results

Inconsistent state and federal reporting requirements for large commercial labs running COVID-19 tests are complicating efforts to track the disease, contact people whose tests are positive and coordinate care. Public health officials and health care workers say it takes too much time to get and use the information they need, and health information exchange managers say the big labs aren't sharing their test results.

Snapchat reports higher ad, app activity

Snapchat is reporting a 36% increase in installs for app ads and a 19% increase in swipe-ups during the past month, along with a 50% increase in video calls, a 25% boost in time spent using Lenses, and more messages, group chats and Discover content engagement. The platform is also reporting heightened interest in online shopping for athleisure, pet products and home goods, food delivery, fitness and wellness, mobile gaming and hobbies.

Target to outfit employees with gloves, masks

Target's more than 350,000 store and warehouse employees will now be given gloves and face masks at the start of their shifts and will be encouraged to wear the protective gear while working, the retailer said. Stores will also start keeping track of the number of shoppers at any given time and set a limit if necessary.

Pandemic could be game-changer for wearable health tech
USA Today

Hospitals overwhelmed with the onslaught of coronavirus cases are considering using wearables to help identify and monitor both patients and providers that have contracted COVID-19, as well as to track the pandemic across the country, writes analyst Mike Feibus. The hope is that the health care system now understands the importance of adopting this technology to mitigate future diseases and health burdens on providers, says Validic CEO Drew Schiller.

Administration explores Fujifilm flu drug for COVID-19

The Trump administration is urging the FDA to grant emergency authorization to flu drug Avigan as a potential COVID-19 treatment despite limited evidence of its effectiveness and questions about safety, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The FDA, HHS and Avigan manufacturer Fujifilm have been discussing possible clinical trials of the drug in the US, internal documents showed, and trials are underway in Japan.

ISPs pledge to keep people connected

Dozens of internet service providers will refrain from disconnecting service to small businesses and individuals over unpaid bills and let late payment fees slide for the next 60 days, as well as creating public hotspots for Wi-Fi access, as part of the Keep Americans Connected Pledge that the Federal Communications Commission created. The ISPs also pledged to open public hot spots to those who need them.

Senate could impede $2T infrastructure measure
The Hill

President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., have supported including a $2 trillion infrastructure package in a stimulus bill, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., has pushed back. Trump cites zero interest rates as a good reason to proceed with infrastructure projects as part of a pandemic relief package, but McConnell and other Senate Republicans have advocated for a bill narrowly focused on economic relief.

Very thin substances could be the future of manufacturing

Extremely thin two-dimensional materials such as molybdenum disulfide and graphene hold promise for the manufacturing of phones, headphones, solar cells and more. They can also be combined into three-dimensional blocks and deposited on silicon wafers for experiments.

White House weighing limits on domestic flights

The Trump administration is considering whether to temporarily stop travel connections by flight and rail between some parts of the US as a way to combat the spread of coronavirus. "Closing up every single flight on every single airline, that's a very, very, very rough decision, but we are thinking of hot spots, where you go from spot to spot, both hot," President Donald Trump said.

Quebec poker club debuts Playground online games

The Playground Poker Club on the Kahnawake First Nation reservation in Quebec will debut the Playground Online Cash Games. Players can enjoy socializing, Partypoker's Cash Game lobby, private games and a 20% increase in Rake Back.