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Elliot Begoun

Elliot Begoun is the Principal of The Intertwine Group. He serves as a consultant and thinking partner helping emerging food and beverage brands gain the distribution and win the share of stomach they need to grow. His articles appear in publications such as The Huffington Post, SmartBrief, and Business2Community.


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Emily Rooney is president of the Agriculture Council of California, which means her daily task is to find the common ground on divisive topics.

""I don’t have patience for excuses. We all make mistakes. The first part of learning is admitting."

" I find the art of the apology and admitting mistakes is really a crucial part of leadership. I am wrong a lot."

An interview with Erin Sexson, senior vice president of global sustainability for the Innovation Center at U.S. Dairy’s Sustainability Counci

What drives the president and former CEO of Annie's? What is his value system and that of the company's?

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