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Susan Fowler

Susan Fowler implores leaders to stop trying to motivate people. In her best-selling book, she explains "Why Motivating People Doesn't Work ... And What Does: The New Science of Leading, Engaging, and Energizing." In her latest book, "Master Your Motivation: Three Scientific Truths for Achieving Your Goals," she reveals motivation is a skill that can help any individual thrive. She is the author of bylined articles, peer-reviewed research and six books, including the best-selling "Self Leadership and The One Minute Manager" with Ken Blanchard. Tens of thousands of people worldwide have learned from her ideas through training programs, such as the Situational Leadership and Optimal Motivation product lines. For more information, visit her website.

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Ask “Why?” to understand the underlying reason for relying on incentives to motivate behavior.

Leadership secret
Leadership secret

Try new approaches to how you give feedback, hold one-on-ones and motivate your people.

The reality is you always have choices. Self leaders recognize the choices they have, including the ultimate choice of walking away.

Managers are often bad motivators because of a fundamental disconnect between what they see as motivating and what employees desire.

The recent elections exposed our deep divides, burst the bubbles and forced us into challenging conversations. This is a good thing, Susan Fowler writes.

We tend to assume people don't change their basic human nature. Let's reconsider that position.

Why should employees take ownership? Here's why it's up to you.

What’s the source of your drive, where is it taking you, and why?

No matter what country’s language you speak, conflict arises from our inability to successfully communicate values.