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Q&A: Broadridge's Kevin Moran on the role of digital labor in financial services

Kevin Moran, global head of business process outsourcing at Broadridge, discusses the role digital labor is playing in the financial services industry and how the coronavirus pandemic is accelerating digital transformation.

STEM’s post-COVID moment

As the pandemic stretches into its tenth month and education zig zags between in-person and remote, there’s one inescapable truth: STEM is more important than ever.

5 tips for creating a future-ready science lab

Here's how to use good planning and design to turn an existing science lab into a future-ready learning space. 

Introverted leaders are hidden talent who can move your company forward

Part of being a great leader is promoting talented people, and you might be missing out on introverts and other hidden talent. Here's what to look for.

Keeping remote workers and company assets secure
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It is incumbent upon businesses to regularly review and update their policies, procedures and protocols for minimizing offsite risks. To keep employees and company assets safe, take these considerations into account in your planning.

Top 10: More PPP for restaurants, a Save A Lot turnaround and ice cream for dogs

Restaurants were able to apply for loans this week under a second round of Paycheck Protection Program funding.

How to launch your startup in 2021

If you've been thinking about starting a business, there's no better time than now. Here are some mindsets you'll want to have on your entrepreneurial journey.

Leaders must practice empathy

Empathy is necessary for leaders today, but unpacking what "empathy" means requires care and attention. Two doctors offer advice on how to think about and apply empathy.

How marketing automation can impact remote work

Want to make remote work more efficient? It’s time to leverage marketing automation. Attrock’s Gaurav Sharma explains how marketing automation can help your business grow.  

How leaders can respond to "new year, not-so-new challenges" syndrome

The new year's energy fades quickly. How can leaders help their teams and employees move forward throughout all of the coming year?

How strong are your coaching skills?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: How strong are your coaching skills?

Why foreign-language skills matter for the next-generation workforce

The demand for language skills is greater than it’s ever been before -- and it is only getting bigger. ACTFL’s Howie Berman outlines a plan to get there.

Increased demand for off-premises ushers in new era of restaurant design

Restaurants are responding to growing takeout sales with new store designs that put off-premises front and center.

Huddle up each morning

Here are 6 reasons why a daily huddle might be just the thing your team needs to start each day focused and energized.

Talking vaccines: The new communications hurdle for employers

Vaccines are here, but employees are concerned and, in some cases, resistant. What can employers do to encourage vaccinations and be clear about workplace policies?