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Top 10: Effects of the coronavirus outbreak on restaurants, grocery

Coronavirus-related food world stories grabbed readers' attention this week.

Trust lessons from coronavirus

How is trust manifesting itself during the coronavirus pandemic, and how can we capitalize on that in the long run?

Free resources for educators during the coronavirus pandemic

A collection of tools, tips and guides to help educators weather instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Want your organization to execute flawlessly? Do these 3 things

Execution is how companies win. Here's some advice on how your organization can do so with greater effectiveness and consistency.

Microsoft and Smarsh team up to boost Teams compliance

Smarsh enters co-sell partnership with Microsoft aimed at meeting the compliance needs of financial services firms

Marketers need to rethink their strategies for these extraordinary times: Embrace digital and optimization

Airship’s Mike Herrick explores how B2C and B2B marketers should “embrace customers digitally” and explore new ways to experiment to maintain their customer connections during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

Breaking the mold with burgers

Loved or liked by nearly 85% of consumers, burgers are a staple, but that doesn’t mean they’re static

It's time to rouse your inner Churchill

Dealing with the coronavirus isn't quite like leading World War II-era Britain, but the way Winston Churchill led and communicated can still help us today.

Modern desserts embrace sweet, salty and umami flavors
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Chefs no longer stop at sweet when developing desserts. For its new Zoe’s Crush cookie, Sweet Street incorporated miso and other umami-boosters for a complex treat.

Contractors encouraged to form an “ideal” financial dashboard

As the coronavirus pandemic bears down on the construction industry, contractors should have a dashboard to keep track of their financial health.

Maximizing medical device post-market surveillance
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Better postmarket surveillande for devicemakers

SIFMA’s Bentsen discusses industry-wide BCP efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic

SIFMA president and CEO Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr., discusses business continuity planning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile banking apps: industry overview + looking forward

Mobile banking apps have already changed the way we interact with our finances, and the pace is accelerating.

Inspiring mathematical thinking with minimal language

A principal explains how his school used a spatial-temporal approach to engage teachers and students in productive conversations about math.