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The rise of natural winemaking means more accidentally vegan vintages

A growing number of vegans are seeking wines made without animal products.

Top 10: Kroger’s new logo, P.F. Chang’s new concept, Halloween CPG products

Food and beverage readers ate up stories about Kroger’s new logo and P.F. Chang’s new nightclub concept this week.

Sustainability 2019: Evolving consumer priorities around purchasing and packaging

Consumer concerns over climate change, plastic waste and other perceived ills are pushing companies and government toward real action.

Is breakfast your jam?

It’s commonly said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do consumers really think that? Spoiler alert: Yes, they do.

Top 10: Food companies to watch, retailer innovations and the return of Popeyes’ chicken sandwich

News that Popeyes is bringing back its chicken sandwich caught the eye of food and beverage readers this week.

Improving plant-based options mean meat isn’t always a must-have

Offering options that appeal to meat-eaters is key to the success of the growing plant-based category, because it reflects the way that most people eat today.

How airlines, hotels are expanding business travel programs

Hotels and airlines are working harder than ever to make business travelers more comfortable.

Top 10: Kellogg brings cereal brands together, KFC “Seasoned Tickets” sell out

Grocery news made a big showing in this week’s list of most-clicked stories among SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers.

Why glass is coming back in fashion for food makers

Some food makers are choosing glass containers to appeal to consumers' demand for sustainable packaging.

How ghost kitchens are changing the restaurant industry

Ghost kitchens are changing the way restaurant operators and chefs do business. Is the trend here to stay?

Top 10: Breakfast at Wendy’s, simplicity at ALDI and a slew of snack stories

Wendy's optimism about its planned national breakfast menu launch caught readers' attention.

Take these trends out to the ball game

Sports stadiums across the country are getting creative to expand their appeal and get fans off the couch and into the stands.

How did pumpkin spice become the dominant flavor of fall?

The reach of pumpkin spice has gone beyond Starbucks lattes to prove it’s more than just a fad, but rather a staple of the season.

Top 10: News from Kraft Heinz, Costco’s expansion, off-premises dining

News of Costco’s worldwide expansion and new products from Kraft Heinz and Kellogg made waves this week.

How retailers can grab a piece of the growing CBD market
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More than 25% of consumers now use cannabidiol (aka CBD) daily or as-needed, according to Acosta, but many shoppers are still wary of claims and want more information.