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Meal and meal-kit delivery companies introduce omnivores to plant-based eating.

Meal and meal-kit delivery companies introduce omnivores to plant-based eating.

Confectionery, restaurant and grocery retail news hit a high note with SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers this week.

hotel food and beverage

Food and beverage operations is one area in which hotels must stay on top of changing guest preferences throughout the year, but it is far from the only way hotels adjust to the changing seasons.

Alcohol delivery can be a boon for eateries as off-premise dining grows [image: beer pouring from a bottle into a glass]

As more traffic moves off-premise, offering beer and wine delivery can give restaurants an opportunity to add high-margin alcohol sales to delivery orders.

Top 10: Bush's snack chips, shoppers' favorite grocers, hot menu trends

News of new CPG launches struck a chord with readers this week, as did stories about the year's hottest menu trends and the grocers that consumers rank highest.

Airline foodservice inflight food

As the competition only grows in the airline and cruise line industries, both are upping their foodservice game to stand out.

Perdue Foodservice global cuisine
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A look at a few of the global ingredients and dishes that experts predict we’ll see more of this year, and ideas for how to integrate global flavor into a range of restaurant concepts.

JUST Inc. plans to launch cell-based chicken nuggets this spring

Cell-based or cultured meat startups continue product development and push for a regulatory framework.

Top 10: TreeHouse Foods' snack shakeup, Chobani's plant-based yogurt and Chipotle's diet bowls [image: Chipotle bowl]

The reorganization of TreeHouse Foods' snack unit, Chobani's new plant-based yogurt line and Chipotle's roll-out of bowls based on popular diets were among the week's top read stories.

The healthy business opportunity for good-digestion brands and products

Eating and drinking just for the health of it. A cultural shift from a focus on heart health to the gut has begun.

Where does cannabis stand in the alcoholic beverage market?

Beverage producers are boosting investments in the cannabis industry -- find out what's ahead.

P&G, McDonald's, Whole Foods made food world news this week

P&G, McDonald's, Whole Foods made food and beverage news this week

Which trends are paving the way for hotel foodservice success in the new year?

Dark chocolate oreos

From CEO changes at two big CPG companies to McDonald's apple pies and Dark Chocolate Oreos, find out what the 10 most-read stories of the week in Food & Beverage were.