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How milk nourishes people and planet
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Yin Rani, CEO of MilkPEP, discusses some of the sustainability success stories in the US dairy industry and how farmers and processors are working to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Indoor gardening is here to stay

In a time when food and beverage consumers valued essential products, healthy eating, convenience and home-cooked meals, the indoor gardening market was poised for significant growth.

Will the future food supply chain reflect pandemic-era changes?

Innovative food companies and delivery platforms took lead roles in the pandemic.

Top 10: School meals, vegan food at Target and Chipotle’s wage increases

School nutrition, new plant-based foods at Target and Chipotle's pay raises made news this week.

Q&A: What brands need to adapt to today’s unpredictable and accelerating pace of change
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In this interview, Acosta Chief Growth Officer John Carroll discusses the changes that the grocery retail industry has experienced over the past year, and what brands -- and Acosta -- are doing to keep pace with the changing landscape.

From recalls to rebrands: The evolution of crisis and issues management
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In this interview, Premiere Response co-founder and Executive Vice President of Customer Engagement Beth Ziff discusses how working with a customer relationship management firm can give brands an edge when dealing with recalls and other issues.

Health & wellness in the US today: Cultural shifts and the COVID-19 pandemic

Several long-term shifts have been reshaping the American health and wellness landscape over the past two decades.

Q&A: Exploring the pandemic’s effect on the frozen food category
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Acosta Senior Manager of Business Intelligence Christina Davis discusses what factors are driving growth in the frozen food category and what retailers and frozen food brands can do to maintain growth and attract new customers.

Creating plant-forward menus that serve the planet, consumers and the bottom line

Finding ways to cater to customers’ plant-forward tastes and innovate with new dishes and practices that benefit the environment and boost the bottom line will be key to the next chapter of the plant-forward movement, a panel of chefs said.

Top 10: Clorox prices, Target’s new stores, chicken sandwiches

News about Clorox, Target and the world of crispy chicken sandwiches piqued SmartBrief readers' interest this week.

Is the future of produce all in the genes?

Gene-editing tool Crispr could be responsible for more of what's in consumers' crisper drawers.

Why consumer data is key to growth for F&B companies

The ability to speedily gather, analyze and act on massive amounts of information is permanently changing the food and beverage landscape.

Top 10: Walmart focuses on tech, Unilever and Nestle take interest in vitamins

SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers were also drawn in by stories about Hershey’s new Reese’s candy bar and s’mores set.

Q&A: Why the POS of the past doesn’t work for today’s ghost kitchens
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In this interview, OrderB4 founder and CEO Randy Murphy discusses the virtual kitchen system's origins in restaurants and what makes it an ideal solution for brands, ghost kitchen operators and consumers.

How the travel industry is embracing sustainability

The pandemic has not caused the travel and hospitality industry to lose sight of sustainability.