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Connected technology dots
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Improving customer experience with automation

Brand and generic drugs
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How better patent data helps pharmaceutical companies

Woman accessing health plan on phone
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Becoming a digital health plan

OTC benefit
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OTC benefits add value to health plans

What matters to health care's movers and shakers? SmartBrief's data provides an interesting snapshot of trends in 2018 and what will matter in 2019.

Woman learning about health plan benefits
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How MA plans can improve onboarding and patient engagement

Better billing
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Better consumer billing for MA

The one trend that matters for every health care leader

Companies that put consumers first are positioned for success

Medicare Advantage claims management
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Better coordination of benefits for MA plans

Diabetes educator speaks with patient
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Helping patients better manage their diabetes

Women laughing
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Helping patients manage menopause

Family physician
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Avoiding nutrient depletions with common medications

Digital marketing in health care

Health care organizations that provide timely, relevant industry updates will position themselves well as an essential resource for their customers.

DTC testing
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How health plans can limit inappropriate DTC testing