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Communities fight obesity by addressing racism, poverty

Communities have identified structural racism as a foundational cause of poverty and obesity and are partnering with stakeholders to build wealth in and increase access to healthful food and opportunities for physical activity.

Editor’s take – Health care and life sciences: Google might have your health data, the ACA (again) and tax relief

A suprising Google partnership, the ACA's murky future and a few long-sought gifts for health care stakeholders captured attention in Q4.

First steps for adding reproductive testing to your practice
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First steps for adding reproductive testing to your practice

How can the OTC benefit contribute to your strategic goals
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Using an OTC benefit to hit strategic plan goals

How reproductive testing can bring new clients, income to your veterinary practice
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Expand your client base by adding reproductive medicine to your veterinary practice

Leverage your OTC benefit to improve MA chronic disease outcomes
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CMS regulations give insurers new opportunities to make the most of this benefit.

Get better ZZZs: Expert tips for promoting good sleep hygiene

Practicing good sleep hygiene is also important and can have a significant impact on your quality of sleep and your health.

Debunk the myths on earning your Certified Diabetes Educator® (CDE®) certification
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Empower yourself to help patients with diabetes

Editor’s take – health care and life sciences. Vaping-linked illness, affordability and Medicare for All

A worrisome spate of illnesses tied to vaping, continued emphasis on health care costs (and drug prices in particular), and Medicare for All were top of mind in Q3.

Staying competitive in today’s MedTech market
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Getting ahead in the MedTech market

How value-based care is upending the MedTech equation
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How value-based care is upending the MedTech equation

Taking a comprehensive approach to FWA management
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Better FWA detection for health plans

#NRPAConference: How parks and rec can take the lead on mental health

Mental health is an issue where parks and rec can help communities greatly.

When MDR deadline hits, paper trail, good faith effort could be key

Failure to comply immediately with the EU Medical Device Regulation may be seen in a more sympathetic light if companies have made a serious effort to meet the requirements.