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Video marketing is the future of content marketing

Attrock’s Gaurav Sharma says video content is becoming the future of content marketing. In this post, he explains why you should be investing in video marketing.

Q&A: eBay Advertising exec on real intent, cookies and new tech
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In this interview, eBay exec Scott Kelliher sits down to talk about the importance of first-party data, defining true intent, the challenges of audience targeting, a cookie-less future and where eBay Advertising's new technology fits in.

Marketing agencies: How to get to the other side of crisis

Leighton Interactive’s Clare Richards shares three tips on how marketing communications agencies can pivot their clients’ and their own marketing strategies during the coronavirus pandemic.

How cable broadband operators can extend the life of HFC
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Cable broadband providers are navigating a pandemic that is driving demand for bandwidth availability. They must be able to meet that demand cost effectively. Read about the obstacles they face in meeting rising demand, and where 10G fits in the picture.

Opinion: Coronavirus rewriting social connection rules

Open Mind Strategy’s Megan Routh examines how the coronavirus pandemic has affected our “cultural rules of connection” and four shifts in how people connect that brands should know.

Quickserve restaurants: Marketing post-coronavirus

Influence Central’s Stacy DeBroff shares consumer insights from a recent study on quickserve restaurants, and offers 11 ways QSRs can pivot their marketing to make the most of post-COVID-19 trends.

A 5-step path to cookieless digital marketing

Digilant’s Raquel Rosenthal offers six steps marketers can start taking to prepare for a cookie-less digital marketing world.

Global e-commerce tactics to keep retail business alive

Azoya USA’s Franklin Chu examines how Chinese retailers have reacted to the change in business operations due to social distancing – and lessons US retailers can learn from them.

Coronavirus tracking apps  could threaten personal privacy

As coronavirus tracking apps become widely available, consumers across the world are growing wary of how that tracking data might be used in the future.

Brand purity cannot be faked

Patrick Gentempo uses an excerpt from his “Your Stand Is Your Brand” book to highlight the importance of brand purity.

The habit loop and mobile content discovery

Matt Tubergen, EVP of Digital Turbine dives into the concepts detailed in Duhigg’s best-selling book, “The Power of Habit,” and how it manifests in mobile.

Location data is the future for marketers and it’s changing

Wrapify’s Jared Morante looks at the growing trend of location-based data, the challenges marketers face using it and questions they should ask to best leverage it.

Digital marketing’s effectiveness during the coronavirus

A resource for brands to better understand what audiences are gravitating toward amid the coronavirus crisis. Original research by SmartBrief.

11 web design best practices to elevate user experience

Attrock’s Gaurav Sharma details 11 best practices for web design, from optimizing page load speeds and ensuring your site is ADA-compliant, to tips for technical SEO and creating a clean design.

Commentary: Why in-house programmatic will transform how brands communicate

ViralGains’ Tod Loofbourrow looks at why he believes more brands will take their programmatic ad buying in-house, and the impact that will have on brand messaging to customers and prospects.