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Overcoming impostor syndrome

Imposter syndrome can strike the most qualified and successful people. Here's how leaders can overcome this and act with confidence.

How will consumers prepare holiday meals in 2021?

Convenience is key this holiday season as the food and beverage industry continues to grapple with the effects of the pandemic and supply chain disruptions.

Finding good tutors (and why any warm body won’t do)

Successful tutors forge a personal connection with students.

Extended deadlines or not, it’s time to move on from cookies

No matter when browser cookies finally crumble, DISQU’s Kevin Whitcher says the time is now to move on and develop “cookie alternatives that are fair to both consumers and the publishers producing the content they want.”

Will you speak up or will you remain silent?

One way to think of leadership is that there are moments where you should speak up or do something -- but not everyone does. How can you recognize these leadership moments and do the right thing?

How to navigate Thanksgiving lessons in today's climate

Just like a Thanksgiving feast needs several elements, so does US History

Top 10: Meijer’s recycled pavement, record menu price increases

Top news included Meijer's recycled pavement, rising restaurant menu prices and J&J's Consumer Health business spinoff.

Reimagining the future of work during the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation shows that workers' expecations and needs are changing, and so must the demands and expecations of leadership. Diversity, equity and inclusion will be a key part of this shift in the workplace.

Find your authentic leadership persona

Just as golfers need to find their perfect swing, leaders need to discover their ideal stengths and persona.

Leaning into leading with heart
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How can leaders continue to put people first, even in times of high stress?

Create schools where all multilingual students experience success

An asset-based view and culturally inclusive content are springboards to engagement.

Why courage is essential if you want power over your life

One way leaders can show courage in their career is by facing the unknown. Acknowledge the fear, then move forward.

Don’t let universal pre-K substitute for universal kindergarten readiness

Site-based pre-K programs aren’t enough to prepare all students for their first day of school.

How a DEI commitment can innovate your marketing

An ethnically and culturally diverse marketing campaign starts with an inclusive creative brief, writes Rikki Roehrich, who offers steps on how to ensure your next campaign incorporates a DEI mindset.

What COP26 means for the future of net zero and ESG

Some of the news from COP26 will shape sustainable finance for years to come