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How to prepare for difficult conversations

Difficult conversations requires leaders to be prepared, to show the business case and to create an intention. Learn more about changing behavior through conversations.

How Pittsburgh plans to build an off-the-grid “airport of the future”

Pittsburgh has its sights on an “airport of the future” that could serve as a case study for sustainability and construction project planning.

Top 10: Supply chain issues, Portillo’s IPO, Coca Cola’s vaccine incentive

This week’s most-read news was wide ranging, from stories about supply chain issues and vaccine mandates to rankings for food retailers and culinary tips.

Leadership fatigue is a thing — make time to recharge

Leadership is stressful and demanding, so leaders must find ways to recharge physically and mentally -- and maybe rethink their career paths. Read on for 7 key pieces of leadership advice.

Q&A with IBTTA President Mark Compton

IBTTA President Mark Compton talks about the group’s recent annual meeting, the importance of diversity in the tolling industry and what the future has in store.

Ways to combat health misinformation
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Ways to combat health misinformation

How COP26 might change climate finance

Simon Puleston Jones outlines what finance execs can expect from COP26

Plant-based meat makers find ways to stand out in a growing field

Consumers are increasingly open to trying plant-based meat alternatives as more brands vie for their attention.

The (real) secret to overcoming procrastination

Procrastination is often mistaken as a time management issue when, in fact, your motivation might be the root cause. Learn more about what can actually help productivity.

Building and maintaining business continuity plans
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Preparing for surprise calamities begins with a business continuity plan, a guiding document that contains contingency procedures for restoring your operations swiftly.

7 design tips for active learning spaces   

Here’s how an elementary school created a collaborative, comfortable and fun learning space.

Which best describes your organization when it comes to planning?

The most recent SmartBrief on Leadership poll question: Which best describes your organization when it comes to planning?

Leaders, understand the personal impact you have on culture

Leaders make an impact. The failure to understand that drives so much of today's toxic workplace atmospheres.

Will business travel pick up in 2022?

Leisure travel is picking up again, but businesses are reconsidering their travel plans, with airlines and hotels watching closely for signs of what is to come.